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Hagle launches on
Blue Origin Flight NS-20 

On March 31, 2022 Blue Origin's flight NS-20 launched from Van Horn, Texas after a two day delay crossing over the Karman Line reaching a height of 66.29 miles, 2300 mph and 351,276 feet above the Earth . 


On board the fourth crewed flight was six passengers including Marty Allen, CEO Party America, Sharon and Marc Hagle, the first married couple to fly to space on a commercial space vehicle,  Jim Kitchen, Professor of the University of North Carolina, Dr. George Nield Administrator for the FAA, and Gary Lai, Blue Origin's Chef Architect of Blue Origin New Shepard. 

We created a version of Gillian's Island's theme song to commemorate our extraordinary experience.

Zero Gravity 

For decades, Florida has been the launchpad for space exploration and innovation, so it should come as no surprise that the first married couple to explore space together are from our state. Congratulations to Sharon and Marc Hagle  – you are an inspiration to Floridians across the state.”                               Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida 

"Sharon and Marc Hagle will further that proud heritage as they proudly represent our state as the first married couple on a commercial spaceflight. More will follow, but first is first."                                                                                                Frank DiBello, Space Florida President and CEO

Blue Origin
Flight NS-20 Recap

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