2020, Nov 13       A Badge in ISS Experiments--Contest Gets Girl Scouts Interest inSpace,  News Channel 13

2020, Aug 31       Making Space for Girls, News Channel 9  

2020, Aug 30       Contest Shoots to Get Girls' Focus on Stars, Science News Channel 13

2020, Aug 18       SpaceKids Global Delivers Piece of Original Wright Brothers Flyer to Orlando Science Center 

2020, July 15       Making Space for Girls, Adam Watstein, Sharpeshooter Pictures Full version

2020, July 15       Making Space For Girls Adam Watstein, Sharpeshooter Pictures Short

2019, July 15.      Space Queens Documentary Adam Smith, Edinburg, Scotland 

2017, Apr             Who Wants to Go to Space Documentary Adam Watstein, Sharpeshooter Pictures

2015, Mar            Inspiration, Adam Watstein, Sharpeshooter Pictures


2020, Nov           24 HRS Space Innovation

2020 Aug            Orlando Sentinel,  SpaceKids Global delivers historic Armstrong  Apollo

2020, Mar           I4 Magazine,  Woman of Distinction Award

2020, Feb.           STEAMSPACE, Cities in Space

2019, Nov           Purdue University, Space Day

                             Passport Luxury Guide ,Future Astronaut Sharon Hagle, SpaceKids Global

                             Orange Appeal , Sharon Hagle's Space Quest

                             Orlando Sentinel, Winter Park Couple signs Up for Space Trip

2017, Feb           Word Press, Reach For the Stars

                            Virgin Galactic, Galactic Unite, Helping School Kids Become SpaceKids

2017, Apr          New York Post, Avid Adventurers to visit Titanic

2014, Nov.        USA Today, Central Florida couple still wants to fly Virgin Galactic

2013,  Jun         USA Today, Fla. Couple among first to pay for private Space Flight


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