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                                  THE SAME AGAIN


A mission patch includes all of the crew names,  the mission and the crew lives. 


  • Woman in center -Symbol of Sharon Hagle's Foundation SpaceKids Global to promote STEM for elementary students and empowering women 

  • International Women's Day in March

  • Girl Scout patch on sleeve in connection of Sharon's partnership with the organization

  • Club For The Future, Blue Origin's charity, patch on shoulder

  • World outside windows:

  • "For the Benefit of Earth" top of patch

  • Blue Origin New Shephard,  crew member Gary Lai is the chief architect for New Shephard 

  • Symbol for crew member Jim Kitchen's visiting 193 UN recognized countries 

  • Two orbital rings on the outside of the patch

  • Crew member Dr. George Nield's work at the Orbital Sciences Corporation. 

  • Jim Kitchens's work promotion Low Earth Orbit LEO space trips. 

  • Dog Prints are a nod to all the dogs at Blue and Hagle's dog Saba who will be onsite for launch.

  • Sailboat silhouette in the water is Marty Allen's experience sailing 

  • Dots under Hagle's names represent their 26th wedding anniversary. N PATCH our own text and edit me. It's easy.

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