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Making Learning Fun Again Through Hands-On-Projects
Space is waiting for you! 

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Press Squad


The SpaceKids Press Squad (SKPS) is a national competition hosted by SpaceKids Global. Eight students plus one parent or legal guardian will be selected for an exclusive opportunity to visit Blue Origin’s Rocket Park manufacturing facility in Florida to tour the rocket factory, visit NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and receive press training from a real-life reporter.

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SpaceKids National Essay Competition

We are excited to announce the winners of the 2022 National Essay Competition today on National Space Day, May 6, 2022. The competition opened on February 15, 2022 and was open to United States students ages 8– 12, enrolled in public, private, parochial or home schools. We received essays from 22 states and 46 cities across the country, and the winners are Milan of Los Angeles, CA, and Brian of Hamburg, NY. Their complete essay submission is available on their links below.


Each SpaceKidet wrote an essay about “Why I Want to Go to Space'' and all essays were reviewed by a minimum of four judges from top space industry organizations. Half of the submissions were from girls, a promising result as women today only make up 27% of all STEAM+ workers nationwide.


The two recipients will each receive a flight on the Zero-G Experience® ($8,200+ value), which takes place on a Boeing 727 airplane specifically designed for the zero-gravity adventure. Follow us on social media for up to date details on their flight.


At SpaceKids Global, we are incredibly thankful for the investment from Zero-Gravity which made this competition possible, and for the time and expertise of our esteemed panel of judges.

Meet the Winners
BRIAN 279921585_839314660792311_3435045825630365674_n.jpg

MILAN                                   BRIAN

Video                                                Video 

*ZERO-G family members are not eligible to participate.

Essay Competition

Send a Postcard to Space

Write or draw your ideas on a postcard about why humans need to go to space for the benefit of Earth—or any other message you'd like to send to space. Your postcard will be placed in a payload box and loaded into the crew capsule of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket launched from the West Texas desert.  The capsule carrying the postcards separates from the booster in space and returns to Earth under parachutes. Your postcard will then be returned to you stamped "Flown to Space."  Send as many postcards as you like—we'll fly them all. All kids are welcome from 1 to 106, join the fun!

  • Click on postcard to download printable template.
  • On the blank side Write or draw your ideas on a postcard about why we need to go to space for the benefit of Earth—or any other message you'd like to send to space.
  • On the other side write your name and return address and add a stamp.
  • Place the postcard in a stamped envelope addressed to:

                  Club for the Future
                  35961 State Highway 54 
                  PO Box 1552
                  Van Horn, Texas USA 79855-1552
Postcard to Space

Be a SpaceKid


Be a SpaceKid is a multidisciplinary education program, aimed at inspiring elementary school students to pursue careers in the fields of STEAM+ Environment.


SpaceKids Global Founder and CEO Sharon Hagle shares her journey to space in a 30-minute multimedia presentation and engages students through interactive stories, videos and activities.


In 2024, SpaceKids Global is partnering with a global satellite manufacturer and will be announcing a “Name the Satellite” contest in Q3.


To date, SpaceKids Global has reached over 866,000 kids.

How You can be a SpaceKid

Be a SpaceKid
3.5 million STEM jobs by 2025
"Why I Want to go to Space"
If you can see it, you can be it"

Making Space for Girls


Making Space for Girls (MS4G) was launched in 2019 as a partnership between two nonprofits when Sharon Hagle, Founder & CEO of SpaceKids Global and Maryann Barry, CEO of Girl Scouts Citrus Council, merged their passions for inspiring girls in STEAM+ education through their shared interest in space exploration. The goals of the educational outreach activities seek to encourage all girls to consider space industry careers, to understand the fundamentals of a science experiment, and to compare and learn from the results of the control group on earth to the experimental group in space. All girls are welcomed.


Making Space for Girls will host annual challenge competitions and programs to continue to inspire girls in grades K - 12 from across the country to engage in space exploration and technology opportunities.

The inaugural 2020 Mission Challenge to the International Space Station national science competition invited Girl Scouts from around the country to participate. The science experiments were included in a Faraday box aboard SpaceX headed for the International Space Station. Art designs and essays were included in a media package on the same mission that launched on August 29, 2021. A total of 680 girls from 95 councils, 46 states, two territories and two countries registered for this exciting opportunity. The 24 winners from 12 cities include science experiments, art designs and essays for each program level.

Making Space for Girls
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What Kids Want to Know



What Kids Want to Know is a video Q/A series produced by SpaceKids Global (SKG). In these three to five minute video episodes, SKG Founder and CEO Sharon Hagle interviews high profile experts, educators and celebrities in the space industry. Kids from around the globe can submit a video of them asking the question through SKG’s social media platforms.


The questions that are selected are answered by the special guest, and the series is available on the SKG YouTube site.


The pilot episode features former NASA Chief Astronaut Commander Peggy Whitson, answering a series of questions about her career and space. Upcoming episodes will feature guests from a variety of space careers including astronauts, executives, engineers, chefs, flight suit designers, medical professionals, architects and more.


What Kids Want to Know believes in the idea that “if you can see it, you can be it.” The more opportunities young children have to interact with professionals in STEAM+ Environment careers, the greater chance they have of pursuing those careers.

What Kids Want to Know
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