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The 2022 Mission Competition will be announced in January, 2022. Check back for more information on our National Essay Challenge. 

The 2020 Mission Challenge

"Making Space For Girls" was launched in 2019 as a partnership between two non profits SpaceKids Global and Girl Scouts of Citrus Council who merged their passions for inspiring girls in STEAM+ Education through their shared interest in space.  The inaugural challenge was a launch to the International Space Station on a SpaceX CRS23 mission at Kennedy Space Station on August 29, 2021. The mission utilized the ProXops Faraday Research Facility in partnership with L2 Solutions for integration and operation. The 21 winners of a National Science Competition launched their science project to the Space Station. Over 680 applicants registered for the event. 

The 2021 ARISS contact with the International Space Station

The Amateur Radio (ARISS) approved Making Space For Girls the opportunity to speak with NASA Astronaut Mark van Hei on the International Space Station July 21, 2021. The 10 minute contact allows students to interact with the astronaut through a question and answer session. The voice-only communication allow students to learn what it is like to live and work in space. 





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