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  • Sharon Hagle

Where is Miss Kelly?

Yesterday, we posted about a mysterious woman named Miss Kelly who wrote to NASA in 1962 asking to be an astronaut. We are trying to find her!

My journey to find Miss Kelly started by doing presentations to elementary kids in 2015. After all these years showing kids that letter there are now 612 humans who have been launched into space and only 75 women, myself included.

Recently, while doing a virtual presentation to the Himalayan Youth Foundation in Katmandu, Nepal, I decided to try and find her. There are many unanswered questions about her life I wanted to know and hopefully others do too.

  • Was she discouraged when she received the letter from NASA?

  • What did she do next?

  • Did she find employment in the space industry?

  • Where did her curiosity take her in life?

NASA rejected her request, as there were no programs for women in the space industry at that time. Kerry Sanders of NBC reached out to us to do a story to help us find her. Do you know who she is? Please contact us at


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