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  • Sharon Hagle

SpaceKids Global Launches Video Series for Kids

ORLANDO, FL - October 14, 2021

SpaceKids Global, the Florida-based, non-profit established to use space exploration to engage children in STEAM learning, today launched What Kids Want to Know, a video Q/A series on YouTube. In these three-to-five-minute video episodes, SpaceKids Global (SKG) Founder and CEO Sharon Hagle interviews high profile experts, educators and celebrities in the space industry.

The pilot episode features former NASA Chief Astronaut Commander Peggy Whitson, answering a series of questions about her career and space. Whitson is the first female commander of the International Space Station in 2007 and again in 2017. She has completed 10 space walks and a total of 665 days in space. Whitson holds the record of the most cumulative days in space of any US astronaut and any female astronaut in the world, coining the nickname "Space Ninja".

Records are made to be broken, and there’s a lot of young people out there right now that I hope are going to break a lot of records,” stated Commander Whitson.


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