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  • Sharon Hagle

Space Training

Arriving at Astronaut Village in Van Horn Texas, we will have 4 days of training. Having trained on several different vehicles, we are curious to learn about the New Shepard capsule.

We have completed our training with several facilities. Having flown zero gravity a couple of times, last year with NASA Astronauts Charlie Duke and Nicole Stott.

NASTAR, the National Aerospace and Research Center is located in Southampton, Philadelphia. The first FAA, Federal Aviation Administration approved center able to meet the training requirements for commercial human flight.

The Russian Cosmonaut Space Training facility is located in Star City, Russia where we trained on

a model of the International Space Station. As we celebrate Yuri Gagarin the first human in

space in 1961, we learned our instructor was none other than Ivan Fedorovich Kryuchkov. The man who trained Yuri himself.


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