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  • Sharon Hagle

Discover the secret messages in Blue Origin's Crew 4 Mission Patch

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Here are several design details that pay homage to the crew, the flight and Blue Origin:

  • Woman in the center:

  • Symbol of Sharon Hagle's foundation SpaceKids Global that works to promote STEM for elementary kids with a focus of empowering young girls

  • International Women’s Day in March

  • Modeled after our very own Audrey Powers

  • Club for the Future patch on woman’s shoulder

  • Girl Scout patch on woman’s shoulder in connection to Sharon Hagle’s work with this organization

  • Star over NYC to honor Pete Davidson’s love for his birthplace, Staten Island

  • World outside windows:

  • “For the benefit of Earth” also noted at the top of the patch

  • A symbol for crew member Jim Kitchen’s accomplishment of visiting all 193 UN recognized countries

  • Two orbital rings on the outside of patch:

  • Crew member Dr. George Nield’s work at the Orbital Sciences Corporation

  • Jim Kitchen’s work promotion Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space trips

  • Dog prints are a nod to all the dogs of Blue and the Hagle's beloved dog Saba who will be onsite for the launch

  • Sailboat silhouette in the water is Marty Allen’s experience sailing

  • Dots under Hagle's names represent their 26th wedding anniversary

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