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  • Sharon Hagle

From Pop Star to Space Cowboy

Lance Bass, a member of NSYNC, trained as a cosmonaut at Star City, Russia in 2002.

Despite his mission to the International Space Station being scrubbed, his passion for space exploration remains unwavering.

Now, he's excited to share a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for eight* lucky U.S. kids (plus a parent/guardian) aged 8-12 to witness a Blue Origin launch from Kennedy Space Center, Blue Origin's Mission Control.

Kids will become members of the SpaceKids Press Squad where they will report on a sub-orbital launch. With their reporters' credentials, they will interview rocket scientists, engineers and learn more about the many jobs in the space industry.

The two-day all-expense-paid adventure will include;

  • Training from a news reporter how to interview someone on camera.

  • A private tour of Blue Origin's rocket facility where they will see the New Glen, an orbital rocket, being assembled.

  • A seat in Mission Control where a live webcast to Van Horn, Texas will be viewed on massive screens. They will have access to interview the crew either before or after launch.

The national drawing will include eight kids, one from;

  • 1st Responders family

  • U.S. Military family

  • Boys and Girls Club family

  • The other five will be drawn from geographically zones across the country by zip codes

To sign up go to and complete the entry form.

The countdown has begun......


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