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Meet the next generation of Space Travelers;

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Richard Branson's launch July 11, 2021

Hanging out with Commander Peggy Whitson in Houston for our new series


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SpaceX CRS23 launch at Kennedy Space Center August 29, 2021 

Met Alan Shepard's daughters at the Apollo 14 50th Anniversary at KSC.

Shepard sisters Julie Lauren.jpg

ARISS Ham Radio contact with

NASA Astronaut Mark Vande Hei 


Winegard 2020.jpeg

Winegard Elementary School-Virtual Program

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SpaceKids Global delivers Armstrongs' donation to Orlando Science Center.  A section of the Wright Brothers ' 1903 Flyer fabric wing that flew on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon by Neil Armstrong was donated by his sons Mark and Rick Armstrong. 


Dr. Tom Markusic CEO Firefly


TEXAS, Austin:  STEAMSPACE Educational Outreach where students can experience hands on projects and listen to inspiring leaders in the space industry. 

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Purdue volunteers; we can't do without you


Winegard Elementary Teach In Day .


Purdue University Space Day excites 1,000 students in STEAM fields with NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez

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Meet the cool kids!

Future scientist, marine biologist, artist and entrepreneurs.  Nemours Children Hospital partnered with the University of Central Florida to honor this year's winners in their STEM competition.                                                                                                                           

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Happy to be back at Azalea Park Elementary


Learning is fun when you are a Girl Scout and collecting badges.

Kristi Carrington and Dad Dave.jpeg

BEST DAY EVER!  "This is November. India, Sierra, Sierra, over." Today, February 14, 2019 Faith Christian Academy in Orlando with ARISS Amateur  Radio on the International Space Station talked to NASA Astronaut, Canadian, David St. Jacques on board the ISS.  SpaceKids Global shared photos of their space training with the Russian Cosmonauts at Star City, Russia on the ISS model. Thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity.

Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts gather at the Department of Transportation in DC to celebrate Virgin Galactic pilots CJ Surckow and Mark "Forger" Stucky receiving their Commercial Astronaut Wings.  


Azalea Elementary 


The future is now....Washington middle school students in STEM courses join us. Meet George from New York who told Richard Branson, he wants to fly with Virgin Galactic to space. 

Flight suit.jpg
Winegard 1.jpg

Winegard Elementary 

SEDS:  Students for the Exploration and Development of Space panel at Kennedy Space Center

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Celebrating Christmas with friends 


Galaxy Gala launched you into the Galaxy at Full Sail University 

Several Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts flew in formation with seven Breitling jets in France

30-03-2018 Breitling129.jpg
30-03-2018 Breitling99.jpg
30-03-2018 Breitling119.jpg

"To the Moon, Alice!" a special night with Wine Quest where guests were exposed to our space programs and had a few laughs

Sunset Park:  I received your Thank You notes.  Although I can not post them all, I wanted to share a few of the artwork and thoughts. I have read each one.  You inspire me to continue my mission. 

   * Thank you for being such an inspiration now its our turn to inspire someone. Unsigned

   * You taught me to imagine something to achieve it, that's means a lot to me.  Nandini

   * Thank you for helping us learn about the wonderful world of space. Tiffani

To Rebekah: 1) I want to take Saba to space but I need approval for that to happen. 2) I am SOOO excited to go to space.  If my goals are fulfilled, I will be able to go on three different missions. 3) I have a daughter who is not interested in going to space but her son (my 9 year old grandson) wants to be an astronaut and is studying computer coding, robotics and space exploration.  Your generation WILL make a difference and make the world a better place!

Sunset Park Elementary 

Yuri's Night LA-KIDS 

Celebrating Women's History Month with Microsoft

Walker Elementary 

 Orlando Science Center 

Out of the mouths of babes....."When you speak, I want to listen but when my brother speaks, I don't."

Spacekids Global is so amazing, I might join....Marin

I like STEM and seeing you include Art to make STEAM is cool.. and

I didn't know there are different companies competing to put rockets in space...Ansley

I found the race to space very interesting.....Sophia 

Your presentation was so informative that it makes me want to become an astronaut... Olivia

I've told everyone in my family a million times that you are going to the Titanic.....Katherine

You have inspired me into the magic of space exploration....Caroline

I never wanted to go to space but now I want to be at mission control and launch rockets.....Emily

I want to be a part of the STEM field because of all the different people needed to complete a mission....Evan

Your training and stories sound awesome....Brody

Thank you for teaching all the cool science stuff......Luke

You have inspired me to make a difference in the world....Ben

I want to become an astronaut but without training because some of it looks annoying...Diego

Thank you for teaching me about the different spacecrafts  launched into space. I learned a lot...Braden

My favorite part is how the spaceship would land and takeoff differently than other spaceships....Colt

It is cool to learn about what space travel will be like in the future....Kresley

I dream to do things like you and now I know I can accomplish it....Sofia

I like how you talked about STEAM jobs and space exploration.....Triston

Before you came, I wasn't interested in space but now it looks like a ton of fun....Andy

I've wanted to be an astronaut for a long time and now all I have to do is buy a ticket and go through training...Geama

Audubon Elementary 5th Grade

Thank you, Marin 

Hamilton Elementary


VG wins award.jpg

Virgin Galactic wins ShareSpace award at Kennedy Space Center

Winegard Elementary 

Boys and Girls Hughes Club 

                Boggy Creek Camp .

St. Margaret Mary Catholic School 

ITonga: A free diver in the middle of a "heat run" with a pod of 14 male

humpback whales are chasing one female. Photographer captures 9 whales in his photo while the diver tries to  avoids a pectoral fin.

Meet the kids from Va vau, Tonga

Meet our mission control crew at the Walt Disney Boys and Girls Club in Orlando.

FIJI, Laucala Island

A state of the art DeepFlight Super Falcon electric sub; only 3 privately owned in the world-7 metres long can fit 2 people; pilot and guest 

Summer Vacation 2017

  Goldboro Elementary Magnet School

SOAR School Academy

       Wolfe Lake Elementary School 

Meet the new SpaceKids from the nation's  capitol Washington DC

Meet SpaceKid Liam from

Wekiva Elementary School

Double R School

How cool is this? The students at Double R school created this space suit poster. Many

of their parents work at NASA. How clever to design their own school mission patches.

Osceola Science Charter School 

    Meet our new SpaceKid

    from Savannah, Georgia..... 

     Hi Brayden  .

Winegard Elementary 

Miss Lilly Ingersoll retired Air Force Flight Attendant flew on Air Force One

Azalea Elementary 

Orlando Science School 




                 2015                                                        2016                                                        2017                                                         2018

University of Purdue scholarship recipients; Applicants must be seeking a STEAM education, member of the Purdue Marching Band and pay it forward. 

Westbrooke Elementary 

Windy Ridge Elementary 

Lake George Elementary

IAzalea Elementary 

Tangelo Elementary 

Back To School Fall 2016 

Meet the new SpaceKids from Romania, Rafaela, Eric and Emma.

......and the sisters from Dallas, Texas

               on vacation in Antiqua 

 Meet the kids from Antigua.

Welcome to SpaceKids Global! 


          Meet Thomas from Sarasota who's entering the sixth grade.  

    He has completed a week at KSC Camp and wants to be an engineer.

                                    Welcome to SpaceKids Global,

                   we look forward to following you on your mission.

Buzz Aldrin, Sharon Hagle and George Takei

Meet our youngest SpaceKids to date from Central FLorida, 2 year old twins!


SpaceKids Global's flag.....where will we go next?

                   KENNEDY SPACE CENTER
  Buzz Aldrin's Share Space Foundation Gala
                         THE VULCAN SALUTE

SpacekIds Global knows no limits to the depths of what one can achieve!

MEXICO, Isla Mujeros 

These photos are REAL....No photoshop. Thank you WILDaid for the opportunity to swim with the Whale Sharks.  The gentle gaints are up to 41 feet long and weigh up to 33,000 lbs. Although intimidating when you first jump in, they are slow moving.

SPAIN, Pamplona:  

This is why SpaceKids is global. Meet the new kids in Pamplona Spain during the festival "Running with the Bulls."

                         ITALY, Autodromo di Modena

I LOVE MATH! How many mph to a kilometer per hour?

Summer Vacation 2016

Thank you Lovell Elementary School for the lovely notes. I look forward to returning soon and sharing my stories in space.

SPACEKIDS GLOBAL will resume their elementary school missions; relaunching  in Central Florida at the beginning of the new school year.  A special shout out to everyone who has invited us into their schools and are helping us achieve our goal of reaching  1,000,000 students around the world.  We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Lovell Elementary 

]Pershing Elementary School

Cheney Elementary School 

Independence Elementary 

Zellwood Elementary School

RUSSIA, Nizhny Novogorod

Training on board the Russian MIG29 supersonic jet reaching speeds of Mach 1.8 and 60,000- 75,000 feet.

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, filming of         SpaceKids Global Documentary 

                                   Double R Elementary School

Dream Lake Elementary 

           The Little Explorers Academy

                                                                    RUSSIA, Star City

                                  Russian Cosmonaut Space Training

   DAY TWO: EMU Extravehicular Mobility Unit training    a spacesuit used on the ISS for environment protec-      tion, mobility, life support and  communications


RUSSIA, Star City
Cosmonaut Space Training Program
January 16-25, 2016
"Our first day of school"

 "This is like a party!"           said one first grader after viewing our presentation .

               Durrance Elementary,

an Aviation and Aerospace Magnet School

ANTARCTICA, South Pole, 90° South

SpaceKids Global planted their flag on Thanksgiving Day,  November 26, 2015

Killarney Elementary School

Hungerford Elementary School

  Lancaster, California

Tokyo, Japan

Lakemont Elementary School

  Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Park Maitland School

Browne Academy 

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