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Founded by Blue Origin in 2019, Club for the Future is a foundation whose mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and to help invent the future of life in space. 

The Club and its collaborations are doing this through a space-focused curriculum and the access to space on Blue Origin's rockets.

Club For the Future has challenged the State of Florida to launch 1,000,000 postcards in their New Shepard capsule in Van Horn, Texas. To kick off the campaign, during the months of January and February, SpaceKids Global will support the Girl Scouts in Florida in their annual cookie drive. Get your postcards here or where ever you buy your Girl Scout cookies. 










                            FLORIDA RESIDENTS ONLY                                                       FOR ALL OTHERS 




  • Click  postcard to download.

  • On one side write or draw your vision on a postcard for what you think the future of life in space will look like-or any other message you'd like to send to space. 

  • On the other side write your name and return address and add a stamp.

  • Place the postcard in a stamped envelope addressed to: 

                                                          Club for the Future 

                                                          PO Box 5759

                                                          Kent, Washington 98064 USA

Club For the Future will launch it to space and back on a New Shepard rocket, and return it to you stamped                       "Flown to Space"!  Send as many postcards as you like-we'll fly them all.

                                        All kids are welcome from 1 to 106, join the fun!

                                    Your postcard is placed in a payload box and loaded into the crew capsule. 

                                      New Shepard, Blue Origin's rocket launches from West Texas desert. 

                                      Capsule carrying postcards separates from the booster.

                                      Capsule descends to Earth under parachutes.

                                      Postcards are recovered stamped "Flown in Space" and mailed to you as a keepsake. 

2022 Revised GK SpaceKids Postcard 1.jpg
2022 SpaceKids Single .jpg
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