SpaceKids Global:    This is Sierra, Kilo, Golf, 

                                       We are looking for Girl Scouts, over

 Mission Control:       Roger that, over 

Play ARISS radio contact to the ISS 

SpaceKids Global and Girl Scouts will announce the finalists in early 2021.

The project(s) will launch to the  International Space Station this summer.


Registration is now closed.  689 Girl Scouts are now registered. 

                                                     46 States; including 2 Countries (Japan and Germany) and

                                                     95 out of 111 councils are participating


Our Panel Of Aerospace Industry Stars!

ProXops, Jeff Fitch, Sr. Safety Engineer
ProXops, Mike Johnson, Strategic Advisor
CASIS, Diane Matthews STEM Education Manager
NASA Astronaut Wendy Lawrence
NASA Astronaut Jose Hernandez
Dr. Jancy McPhee, Neuroscientist and former manager of domestic & international space life sciences research programs
BLUE ORIGIN, Josef Reinke, Club of the Future 


Panelists will select a project(s) to be launched at Kennedy Space Center on a SpaceX mission to the International Space Station . 

Click here for more details. 

LAUNCH DATE:  Summer 2021


trefoil on black.png
trefoil on black.png

Write or draw your vision on a postcard.  The Club will launch it to space and back on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket and, mail it to you stamped "FLOWN IN SPACE" !

         Download postcard                                           For more information click 


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