Welcome to SpaceKids Global, a non profit organization, whose mission is to inspire elementary students in STEAM + (Science, Technology, Engineering,  Art, and Mathematics + Environment) education with a focus on empowering young girls.  We ask the students;

                                   What is your Mission?

                                   How can you make a difference in the world?

                                   How can you make the world a better place?
























SpaceKids Global's program takes the students on a 30 minute visual tour of  space technology; including                photographs and science videos.  The program is free. We only ask that you share our message with others. If you would like to join our mission and learn;

                         What We Need To Go To Space (including training)

                         How High Is Space

                         Space Travel and the Opportunities in the Space Industry


Please sign up for our live streaming by completing the form.                                                            

Sharon Hagle, CEO, founded SpaceKids Global in March of 2015.  Having  purchased a ticket with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic in 2007, she wants students to get excited about their futures in space exploration and technology.  She is sharing her journey to space and show kids that anything is possible with determination and hard work.

Sharon and her husband, Marc are both Virgin Galactic Future Astronauts and have completed their Zero Gravity training at Kennedy Space Center, the centrifuge training at NASTAR in Philadelphia (where NASA trains their Astronauts) and the Russian Cosmonaut Space Training Program in Star City, Russia. Their goal is to launch with all three private companies; Blue Origin, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.

On May 5, 2021, they officially registered with Blue Origin completing a wish to launch to space a second time. Once Blue Origin's training has been announced, you will be able to follow them on their quest.