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What is a Mission Specialist?

Updated: May 23, 2019

Let's get all the technicalities out of the way. The "Titan" seats 4 crew; 2 pilots and 2 guests; all are called mission specialist. As a Mission Specialist you will join one submersible dive to the wreck site and assist the expedition crew in one or more support roles aboard the dive support ship and aboard Titan during your dive.

Mission Specialists may assist the dive team with pre and post-dive servicing of the submersible, or perform other Mission Specialist support roles such as reviewing videos and photos of the wreck, analyzing sonar data, or helping with dive planning. Exterior cameras send multiple feeds to your

individual tablet, providing a near 180-degree view from the bow. Use this interactive device to switch between camera feeds, view live sonar images, or track the sub’s position.

During the dive, your crew may conduct 3D and 2D laser or sonar scans or search for one of the ship’s giant boilers, enormous propellers, and other landmarks of this famous vessel while viewing deep sea creatures living amidst the wreckage.

I am told it takes 90+ minutes to reach the Titanic and we will spend 2-3 hours on the bottom focusing on the bow and the main stair case.

(Note: views of specific vessel features depends on local conditions at the wreck)

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