• Sharon

OMG NO HUET Training!

From the get go, we were told the trip to the ship was a three hour helicopter ride. This required HUET (Helicopter Underway Escape) training. Guess I should have read the fine print!

The program is designed for persons traveling to offshore installations/vessel via helicopter. The course provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge in emergency response related to helicopter evacuation and escape from a ditched/capsized

helicopter using personal safety equipment to include an Emergency Breathing System (EBS).

So far so good ....until you learn they are dropping you in a pool upside down and you are to release the seat belt and find a window to swim out. Fortunately, there are drivers available to help if needed.

Recently, we were advised a boat will transport us to the main ship. Although it is a longer voyage, I will be dry and so will my hair.

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